Ngā Wānanga

The national schools of carving, weaving and canoe

NZMACI Schools
Te Wānanga Whakairo Rākau o Aotearoa Shadow

Te Wānanga Whakairo Rākau o Aotearoa | The National Wood Carving School ('Te Wānanga Whakairo’) located in Rotorua teaches students – selected from various tribes throughout New Zealand – the time-honoured techniques of wood carving.

Te Rito Shadow

Te Rito | The National Weaving School, located in Rotorua, teaches the art and skills required to master a number of different traditional weaving and natural fibre-related techniques.

Te Wānanga-a-Kupe Mai Tawhiti Shadow

Te Wānanga-a-Kupe Mai Tawhiti | The National Canoe School ('Te Wānanga-a-Kupe’) located in Doubtless Bay, Northland, educates and trains students in the art of waka building.

Te Takapū o Rotowhio Shadow

Te Takapū-o-Rotowhio | The National Stone and Bone Carving School ('Te Takapū’), located in Rotorua, teaches the art of carving stone, bone and the revered tradition of carving pounamu (greenstone).

The Foundry Shadow

The Foundry is a workshop for casting, located in Rotorua, which extends the skills and knowledge of NZMACI students turning traditional carvings into cast bronze artworks, and other mediums, using long-established casting processes.