Restoration, construction, presentations and advisory

Offering a range of services, NZMACI is available to work closely with individuals, iwi and hapū (tribes and subtribes), global indigenous groups, arts organisations, private corporations, state entities and cultural heritage organisations to define and articulate their arts and cultural aspirations. 

NZMACI Services
Restoration Shadow

NZMACI actively advises on the restoration process for existing whare (meeting houses) and other carved, painted and woven heritage.

Believing in the natural and appropriate process of restoration, if a piece of heritage is beyond recovery, NZMACI will recommend and assist with the creation of a new piece.

 For more information on this process or to make an enquiry please contact us

Whare construction Shadow

NZMACI have the capacity and capability to support hapū in the building of new whare (meeting house).

This process includes:

  • Advising on funding options
  • Helping iwi to define the composition of whakapapa within a whare
  • The execution of carving, tukutuku, whariki and kowhaiwhai
  • Other taonga as requested

Each whare is unique and requires its own considerations. For more information on this process or to make an enquiry please contact us

Presentations Shadow

In 2011, the Te Puia | NZMACI board agreed on a new strategy for the organisation, with a focus on intensifying its commitment to cultural development in line with the Act.  

The resulting strategy reaffirmed and built upon Tā Apirana’s beliefs that Māori art, craft, and knowledge are the pillars of Māori tribal culture and identity. His dream to establish centres to perpetuate and preserve these traditions for future generations was found to be as important today as ever.

A succession of ground breaking cultural initiatives have followed, rooted in whakaaro Māori (Māori philosophies) and remaining faithful to the responsibilities and obligations outlined in the Act. These initiatives have enabled connections with and between Ngā Iwi Taketake o te Ao (indigenous peoples around the world).

Advisory Shadow

While the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute Act (1963) is founded on the basis of Māori culture, the essence of the act extends across all indigenous cultures. Through NZMACI’s range of cultural initiatives, indigenous cultures across the world are experiencing pride and empowerment as a result.

The NZMACI team and other key staff are available to assist organisations in the development of a cultural strategy, both in New Zealand and internationally, to deliver a cultural component to their work.